Week 4 Day 1

3 minute run / 2 min walk

4 minute run / 3 minute walk (x2)

3 minute run / 2 minute walk.

Today was the first time in what feels like a long time that I really couldn’t be bothered. There wasn’t really a reason for it… I just didn’t want to get changed and go out. I’d even made a point of having a decent breakfast to prepare, but as the day went on I felt less and less inclined to go. Consequently, getting changed and walking down to the park was an achievement in itself.  

On the walk down (literally; it’s downhill) I realised that not only was I hungry, it was warmer and more humid than expected. I found myself wishing I’d worn shorts. 

I was shocked to discover that after only one session with three minute intervals I was suddenly expected to run for 4 minutes. Twice. That seems like a huge increase to me.

I managed the first 3 minute run fairly well. On the first 4 minute run I got to three and a half minutes then had to walk. Not too bad for the first attempt I’d say! The second 4 minute run was disappointing as I only managed 2 minutes 20. Then I managed to complete the second and final 3 minute run. Just about. 

The heat really got to me. According to my iPhone the temperature was 20 degrees and the humidity 63%. I usually get a bit hot but this was something else – the sweat was pouring from me and I could feel my skin radiating. The longer periods of running were no doubt the cause but the weather certainly did not help. 

I found my headphones so listened to music again today. At one point the music was so distracting that I took the earphones out. Silence was much nicer. My mind was racing.  The football season appears to have finished because the pitch I usually run around now has no goals and the lines have not been repainted. As a result I spent a fair bit of my run trying to work out where I should be running! 

I will definitely be repeating today’s session before moving on. 

I appreciate this post is full of excuses and complaints, but despite the fact that I’m disappointed in not completing all of the running intervals I’m actually proud of myself for… 

  1. Going out when I didn’t want to,
  2. Keeping moving even though it was walking instead of running,
  3. Getting to this stage! I ran for three and a half minutes today! 
  4. Not quitting. I really wanted to quit. 


    • My feet were very sweaty today and socks were soaking when I took my shoes off. I usually just wear normal cotton socks. Maybe I should get some sweat wicking sports socks. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? 
    • Once I’d huffed and puffed my way home, stretched and caught my breath I once again felt really good. 

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