Week 3 Day 3

2 minute run / 2 min walk

3 min run / 3 min walk (x2)

2 minute run / 2 minute walk.

I did this run on Saturday (today is Tuesday) so it may lack detail. I had a very busy day but was really aware of squeezing it in because I knew I would be hungover on Sunday. I was correct. 

Anyway, as always my plan for the day changed, and without going into unnecessary detail, I was in an absolute rage by the time I got to do my run. Such a rage infact that I only did 2 minutes of the usual 5 minute warm-up walk before I couldn’t take it anymore and just took off. Yes, I know I was silly. 

It may have been a blessing that I was in such a rage because I spent so much of my time infuriated and running it over in my head (no pun intended) that I forgot to stress about the fact that I was doing my first three minute run. By the time it occurred to me I was already 2.5 minutes into it, and dug deep. Surprisingly, it wasn’t breathlessness that I had to contend with, it was heavy legs. They felt like lead; but dammit I dragged them! 

My only real observation on the day was that I missed listening to music (forgotten headphones). I was still in a foul mood when I finished but once I got home and showered started to regain a sense of composure. 

Looking back, I’m proud of meeting that three minute target, as it seemed quite frankly impossible when I started this process a month ago! 


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