Week 3 Day 2

1.5 minute run / 1.5 min walk

2.5 min run / 2.5 min walk (x2)

1.5 minute run / 1.5 minute walk.

On Saturday night while falling asleep I remember feeling pleased that I would be running again the next day, only to realise to my disappointment that I would actually be in work and have to wait another day. I think that is a good indication of how I’m feeling right now. 

After a few days rest I’m back to it –  in the woods today! I was visiting nan and the dogs anyway, so killed two birds with one stone and did my run while I was there. 

W3 D2 was the same as W3 W1 – so I knew I was capable of doing it! Mindful of the importance of finishing comfortably and not just scraping along, I really paced myself; pulling back my speed and shortening my stride. While the 2.5 minute intervals certainly weren’t easy I managed to run (jog!) right to the end of them. The 1.5 minute runs were a treat! 

Again I listened to music and found it to be a nice distraction. Mentally singing along stops me counting down the seconds. 

I also tried to pay attention to my foot strike. I’m getting random minor shooting sensations in and around my knees, and am aware of my shins and ankles. It isn’t an issue and not what I’d class as pain, probably just where I haven’t put them to use in a very long time, but I’d rather pay attention now and avoid injury wherever possible. 

I’m now working nights for the next three, and am highly unlikely to want to run after a shift. I tend to get up, eat and go straight to work so I won’t be running before work either. To that end, I’ll be having a few days rest before attempting the dreaded 3 minute runs on W3 D3! 


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