Week 3 Day 1

1.5 minute run / 1.5 min walk

2.5 min run / 2.5 min walk  (x2)

1.5 minute run / 1.5 minute walk. 

Today I got up at 11:40. Generally an early riser, this is clearly a sign that I’m struggling a bit at the moment. I’ve been stressed with a family issue, and have been feeling pretty drained – more emotionally than physically, or so I thought. I also had a blood test recently which revealed I’m borderline anaemic. Nothing a tweaked diet shouldn’t fix. 

Anyway, after a decent breakfast, downloading a few songs, and putting the washing on the line I walked down to the local park for Week 3 Day 1. 

I’m pleased to say I now feel fairly comfortable running for 1.5 minutes. The same cannot be said for today’s step-up to 2.5 minutes of running! My legs were fine… but my chest was screaming! The first time around I gave in and walked with 6 seconds left. The second I got all the way through but made the mistake of bending over to catch my breath at the end, feeling lightheaded upon straightening up. It soon cleared and I continued with my walk and subsequent easier 1.5 minute run. 

Despite being proud of getting through the 2.5 minute intervals I felt like a bit of a cheat. Without counting warm-up and cool-down the session was only 16 minutes long. Yes the longer run was an achievement, but it felt like a bit of a cop out. 

After walking home I felt I still had more to give, so did a few sit ups and press-ups before stretching. I’ve been reading about crosstraining, and at some point will need to add some other form of exercise, especially as my shifts restrict the frequency of my runs. 

Today I ran (well jogged slowly) to music for the first time. I’m not really into upbeat dance music so I went with Jay Z and old Kanye West. I’m also toying with digging out an old Eminem album. Music was a nice distraction when I was struggling – I mentally sang along. 


  1. Holding my phone is a bit annoying – must look into arm bands. 

Tomorrow should be a rest day but I then have work Saturday and Sunday. Not sure whether to run tomorrow or to wait until Monday. I don’t want to push too far and end up injured, but am eager to get back out again. 


3 thoughts on “Week 3 Day 1

  1. Fab!!!! Well done!!!!
    My two pennies?
    Rest, pick it up on Monday.
    I re did a LOT of my days, sometimes 3x till I felt really happy with them!
    There is no rush, you are new to this, condition your body… take rest days… they are there for a reason!
    ENJOY it! You are gifting yourself a fit fab future, take the time to invest in it!
    Keep going you are doing so WELL!
    Hope that help xxx

    I am critically aneamic and due for an infusion if by my next result things haven’t picked it… it’s a terrible affliction… take care of yourself… go and get a little supplement from your pharmacy… can’t go amiss… you don’t want it to get critical.
    Have a fab weekend!


    1. Thank you for the words of encouragement 🙂

      You’re right I should take note of now… I’m not very good at that – always looking ahead! I’m aware of my knees and shins this morning so rest is definitely best. From the blogs I’ve read it seems a lot of people repeat days (wk3 seems to be a big culprit) so I’m expecting to need to repeat and that’s okay. Better to finish comfortably than to claw away at it and end up hurt or disheartened.

      Sorry to hear about your anaemia. You must be exhausted 😦 I’m going to get a supplement and add leafy greens to my shopping list. Hopefully as I’m only borderline that will be enough to build me up.

      I’m going to see Dreamgirls tonight in London so very excited. Then sadly am working all weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!

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      1. OH WOW! what a fab show! enjoy enjoy!

        Yeah, I’m often ‘dead on my feet’ but nothing a good day of rest doesn’t help… thank god i don’t work weekends, week days is enough for me *lol* and I work flexi, so i choose 6-2… must be mad *lol*

        enjoy the show, don’t work too hard and look forward to Monday!
        Stick with it, you will do it! we will celebrate with a parkrun, hows that!


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