Week 2 Day 3

1.5 minute run / 2 minute walk x 6 

My run of 3 night shifts is over. The plan to run on Sunday morning on the way home from work was scuppered by the fact that I’d had a really busy shift and didn’t have time for breakfast. On Monday morning when I finished I was so tired that I just went straight home – I could run in the afternoon after a sleep. Tired as I was, my body and mind refused to sleep, and after a few hours of listening to the tv I think I managed a fitful hour and a half. 

Feeling grump and tired,  rattling round the house alone was only going to frustrate me, so I got my kit on and walked down to the park. Today I had company; my chihuahua Lily. I thought she was going to be a bit of a pain as she likes to sniff every 3rd blade of grass but she’d been neglected while I tried to sleep so it was only fair to invite her along. 

Having struggled with w2d2 and knowing that w2d3 meant I would have to do more of the 1.5 min intervals I considered repeating my previous run, but decided to go ahead. If I then failed I would repeat the longer session. 

I’m actually really glad I moved on today because I genuinely enjoyed my run. 

I moved to a different part of the park and chose one football pitch to run laps of. The ground was flatter and there were clumps of grass that I used as targets to get to when I was flagging. Despite the normal shortness of breath towards the end of the running stages, I felt great! After the last walking interval I even considered doing another 1.5 minute run for the sake of it… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Despite earlier expectations it was really quite nice having the dog there because she pottered around and wandered off while I walked, then did a little chase when I started running. Not that she ran for 1.5 minutes with me but it made me laugh and lifted my spirits. Afterwards my mood was much improved. I felt full of energy and much more human. 

In Fitbit world my kilometre split was slightly slower than it has been, but I ran further and for longer so I’m very happy with that. 

  1. No more weird midsection itching 🙂
  2. My shins are still a bit tender when I begin but it eases quickly. 
  3. I think I need a distraction now that the length of time running is increasing. Is music a good idea? I don’t want to be more concerned about switching songs than finishing. Or is that the point? 

Tomorrow I am off work and then back in the day after. Im still trying to use rest days wisely so may wait until Thursday to run again, although the way I feel right now I want to go sooner rather than later. This is good!! I’ll see what tomorrow brings. 


2 thoughts on “Week 2 Day 3

  1. Well done getting out for the run! I’m just about to finish week 5, and I definitely think the first couple of weeks were the hardest (so far) mentally.

    Music helps me on the longer stretches. Especially if you can think “just to the end of this song” as a way to motivate yourself.

    You’re right about not wanting to have to skip through songs. Put together a good playlist so you won’t have to. Embarrassing pop is usually good 🙂

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  2. Stick with it, you are doing really well… I agree with MsSloth 🙂 Confidence wise the first 4 weeks are hard… get to week five and it scary, but you know what, you CAN do it… just stick with it, get through week 5 and OMG your confidence will be OFF the SCALE!

    Music? *lol* my son (16) flicked through my playlist and was gobsmacked…. as in like “MOM you LISTEN to DRAKE???? USHER??? how? why? ”
    to be truthful… i don’t actually listen to them, its just there and it helps me get through the run.

    KEEP going, you got this!

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