Week 2 Day 1

Despite plans to run on either Sunday or Monday I failed, by forgetting to take my running gear away with me. I did slightly redeem myself by happening across an outlet and buying a pair of running shoes, some tights and a long sleeve top, however didn’t have time to use them. 

Then on Tuesday I again planned to run, even making sure I ate at the services on the way home so that I was good to go when we arrived home… but had very little time to do so because we were going to an event in the evening and didn’t end up running then either. 

And so, finally, on Wednesday I ran again, full of regret about not running the days before, because it rained

Running in the rain is a new experience for me and not one I particularly enjoyed! The original plan was to warm-up walk to a nearby park, run, cool-down walk home, and then stretch. However, the park is very open and exposed and it was pouring down so I got in the car and drove to the woods that I’ve run in previously, hoping for shelter. I still ended up drenched. 

Having driven I hadn’t accounted for the car keys that I had to carry around with me in frozen fingers. I also forgot to leave my glasses in the car (I have astigmatism so it’s not the end of the world if I go without them) so spent the majority of the run trying to see through the rain spots and fog. Luckily I had the sense to wear a hat so my head stayed warm. 

Now that Week Two has commenced the running time has increased to 1 minute 30 seconds, followed by 2 minutes walking (x4), followed 1 minute running and 1 minute running (x2).  I found the increase quite a jump to begin with, and half way through had to extend one of my walking periods to catch my breath before carrying on with a run. Overall I was pleased. Despite the cold and wet I wasn’t looking desperately at the countdown until I had about 20 seconds to go. Before it was around 30 seconds into a 1 minute run. 

One thing I was aware of was a tightness in my left calf. I had to stretch several times during my walks, and needed a really good stretch after. I was also very aware of keeping my shoulders down – I’ve still been suffering with muscular tension in my neck and shoulders and am desperate for a massage, and can almost feel myself hunching.  Finally, I made a conscious effort to slow down and focus on running for the whole time and no wearing myself out by trying to beat my distances. Especially with the wet and cold, I felt that it was more important to finish than to burn out. 


  1. I don’t like running in the rain. Maybe I’m a fair weather runner?
  2. I should invest in a rain resistant jacket; this is the UK after all. 
  3. The day after (when I wrote this post) my legs are heavy and I can definitely feel that I’ve used them. Must pay close attention to stretching. 

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